Garlic Tuna Salad

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Garlic Tuna Salad

Here's another of my "in proportion..." or "to taste...' recipes. I'm estimating the measurements, because it's really one of those things that you just know when you've got the right amount of everything.

Garlic Tuna Salad for Sandwiches

Makes 2-4 sandwiches, depending on how much tuna you like on your sandwiches.

Partially open the tuna can, and set on its side to drain in the sink.

Mince garlic, olives, and pickles together to about 1/8-1/4" pieces and relatively uniform. Place in a bowl and add mayo, mustard, and cheese. Add drained tuna and pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly.

Use for sandwiches or as a dip with corn chips. I like adding a couple slices of Muenster cheese and then grilling or toasting the sandwich.