Fancy Black Bean Enchiladas

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Bean and Rice Enchiladas

So, I got an enchilada recipe from my friend Carrie Jones and before I even made it, I was starting to change it... So this is the end result. I hope you enjoy it.

Fancy Vegetarian Enchiladas

Serves about 8.

Preheat oven to 400F.

Cook the rice.

Chop onion into 1/2 inch pieces. Put onion in a medium sauce pan and add wine and a dash of cinnamon. Saute over medium to medium-high heat until onion just starts to turn clear. Stir in black beans, about half of the olives, and chili peppers (don't drain). Chop cilantro and add about 1/4 cup to the beans and onions and simmer for another 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently.

Cover the bottom of each of two 9x13 baking dishes with a thin layer of enchilada sauce.

For each enchilada: On an open tortilla, place a spoonful of bean and onion mix, a spoonful of rice, then a generous handful of grated cheese and a small spoonful of sour cream (each enchilada will use more bean and onion than rice). Add a spoonful of sauce, just enough to moisten the cheese. Then roll the enchilada and place it in the pan. End loop. About half the enchiladas will fit in each pan.

Cover the enchiladas with remaining sauce, split about evenly between both pans. Then sprinkle with remaining cheese to cover, again split about evenly between each pan. Drizzle some sour cream over each pan, then sprinkle with black olives, again, about evenly split between the two pans. Garnish with some cilantro.

Bake for 20 minutes each pan, until cheese is melted and turning brown at the points. For many ovens, this will mean baking one pan at a time.

Garnish with cilantro again before serving. Serve with remaining sour cream, salsas, taco sauces, guacamole, Mexican or Spanish style rice, corn chips, etc.

Tips: You can use grilled chicken, sauteed ground beef, or other meat either in addition to, or in place of, the rice and beans.