Berry Glaze

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Fruit Glaze

So, this one started with fruit I needed to use before it went bad and some slightly freezer-burned vanilla ice cream.

It has since turned into something many people ask for, and something that I have tried many different uses for, and have tried many different fruits in. Generally I refer to it as "berry glaze" regardless of what I am using in it, but then you get weird looks when someone asks what flavor and you respond, "Plum." But, who cares, right? It's good with ice cream and lots of other things. It's probably good with pancakes for breakfast, though I haven't tried that...

Berry Glaze

Serves about 4 as a topping, more if used in something else...

Wash blueberries thoroughly in a colander, and remove any stems.

Put blueberries in a medium sauce pan and add sugar and wine.

Heat over medium-high heat until boiling, stirring occasionally.

Reduce heat but keep boiling for fifteen to twenty minutes, stirring frequently. Glaze is ready when it has simmered for at least fifteen minutes and it is starting to reduce, so the sauce sticks to your spoon a little, but is still runny.

Serve immediately to refrigerate to keep.

I like to serve it hot over vanilla ice cream, angel food cake, or pound cake.

This also works with blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and plumbs. I suspect it will work with most berries and many fleshy fruits. Also try mixing fruits. I have several friends that like blackberry-blueberry glaze. With larger fruits you need to cut the fruit into small, berry-sized pieces. Tarter fruits will need to be offset with additional sugar. Also, if you're cooking something that has inedible pits or stones, you'll need to remove the pits before cooking.