Macaroni Salad with Bacon

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Macaroni Salad with Bacon

Well, this recipe came up for another pot-luck, where I wanted to use some parsley that was growing on the back step before it froze, so that ruled out a chocolate cake...

I decided that some turn on a traditional picnic or barbecue side dish would go well with the steaks that were being grilled as the main course for this particular gathering - and would use some parsley.

But, of course, I didn't want to bring something that was going to be already on the table...

Bacon Macaroni Salad

Serves about 12 as a side

Part 1; Dressing

Mix mayonnaise, mustard, honey, vinegar, black pepper, and paprika together in a bowl. cover loosely and place in refridgerator.

Part 2; Cooking

Cook bacon until crispy and place on a paper towel to drain grease and allow to cool.

Cook macaroni according to directions, drain, and set aside. Remember to toss macaroni periodically while preparing vegetables to reduce sticking.

If eggs aren't already boiled, hard boil eggs and set aside to cool.

Part 3; Salad

Wash green onions and trim off the root end. Slice in about 1/4" pieces. You want to use about 2/3 of the greens of the onion, and all the white. Place into a large bowl (by this point, you'll see how large a bowl you'll need).

Wash radishes and cut off tops and root. Slice thin and add to onions.

Wash tomatoes and cut into about 1/2" pieces. Add to Onions and Radishes.

Rinse parsley and chop fairly fine and add to vegetables.

Shell egg and slice, then cut in half. You'll end up with half-circles of egg. Add to vegetables.

Crumble bacon into vegetables. If some of the bacon won't crumble nicely, chop it.

Toss vegetable, egg, and bacon together. Add cooked macaroni and toss. Pour dressing over the mixture and toss again.

Taste and determine whether you need salt. I find that the bacon provides plenty of salt and no extra is neeced.

Serve as a side dish with any meal. Great for picnics or barbeques...