Keith's Recipes

Some of My Favorite Things to Cook

Here are some of my favorite recipes. Some of them are weird little ethnic things I have found, others are "classics," and still others are things that my friends and I have just whipped together to make something interesting. Some of these are here because they are really good, others are here because they're super easy or a lot of fun - but all of them are good and each recipe is worth trying at least once. I hope you try some of these wonderful recipes and enjoy them as much as I have.

Main Dish Recipes
Main dishes are the centerpiece of any meal. Try one of these intriguing main dish recipes for your next family dinner or social occasion.
Side Dishes and Appetizers
Side dishes supplement the meal in presentation, nutrition, flavor, and experience. Appetizers prepare you for the meal you are about to have. These are an important part of any dining experience. Try one of these side dishes at your next barbecue or as part of a nice dinner at home.
Dessert Recipes
Some view desserts as the crowning jewel of a great meal. Others view desserts as a necessity after any good dinner. Still others feel that dessert is something that should stand on its own to be judged independently. Whatever your opinion on desserts, check out these recipes to see if you get any good ideas.