Letter to Mr. Jon Tester

Conrad Burns' Public Dishonesty

September 2, 2006

Mr. Tester,
I just wanted to let you know that I am one of the "nobodys" that Conrad was referring to when he said that Nobody had complained to him about the privacy and freedom issues with the patriot act. I found his reference to voting Montanans as "nobodys" to be insulting and offensive. I have tried to get Conrad to talk to me about this, or to apologize, and he refuses. I get the runaround from his staff - both his Senatorial staff in Washington, D.C., and his election campaign staff here in Montana. I am expecting a call "right back" from his Billings campaign office after taking to Sarah on June 29 about this. The closest thing I have gotten to a response to this is that, according to Conrad, the Senate Ethics Committee is prohibiting him from apologizing to me or correcting his error.

And absolutely nobody in the Burns camp will give me any explanation as to why he thinks that apologizing is unethical.

It is really shameful that someone that incompetent, that unconcerned, that disconnected, and that corrupt is representing Montana.

Of course, his office maintains that Conrad never said that nobody had complained to him about the patriot act or ever pointed out how it could be used to limit freedoms. Maybe they need to look at a transcript of the June 25 debate...