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What Singnet.com.sg's Abuse Auto-Response Really Means

September 11, 2006

This time, signet.com.cg - the Singapore Network, is demonstrating that they support spammers and phishers on their network, and can't be bothered to handle spam complaints in an efficient and professional manner.

Here is their canned response to spam complaints via email:

Emails sent directly to our mailbox are no longer attended to with immediate effect. Please use the online form at http://www.singnet.com.sg/help/security/othersIAReport.asp to submit your Internet Abuse Incident Report.

For more information on Internet Security, please visit our website at http://www.singnet.com.sg/tou/security.asp

We wish you a pleasant day ahead!

Yours sincerely,

SingNet Internet Security Team
(this is a system automated reply)

SingNet Homepage - http://www.singnet.com.sg
Internet Security - http://www.singnet.com.sg/tou/security.asp

What this really means, at least to users who are trying to fight spam by sending complaints to the originating networks, is this:

In order to further inconvenience those individuals whom have already been abused by signet.com.sg spammers, we no longer bother to deal with spam complaints send in an easy and direct manner, but instead require those parties whom we have already abused and inconvenienced to be further inconvenienced and abused by requiring them to fill out a form including information that they will no longer have access to by the time we send them this message. This has been done to increase the protection that signet.com.sg provides to our signet.com.sg protected spammers and to prevent our abuse department from actually having to enforce or consider our acceptable use policy.

Since our staff can't be bothered to do their jobs, please fill out this inconvenient and troublesome, not to mention unnecessary, form at http://www.singnet.com.sg/help/security/othersIAReport.asp and a member of our staff will immediately begin to ignore your abuse complaint.

If the administrators at the signet.com.sg network could be so kind as to correct this email for clarity, it would be much appreciated.