Senator Daines Further Demonstrates Disrespect and Lack of Ethics

Senator Steve Daines Hates Montanans

October 22, 2020

On October 6, 2020, I sent an ethics complaint to Senator Steve Daines of Montana, complaining about him deliberately and maliciously lying to his constituency - the people of Montana. Ten days later he sent this mostly irrelevant response, which further demonstrates his absolute incompetence and lack of ethcs:

October 16, 2020

Mr. Keith Seyffarth
XXXX, Montana 59XXX

Dear Mr. Seyffarth,

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for Obamacare. I value your perspective on this critically important issue and appreciate the opportunity to respond.

I remain concerned that Obamacare has resulted in higher insurance premiums for Montanans and narrowed access to their preferred doctors. I also supported repealing the law's individual mandate because it forced low and middle-income Montanans to buy insurance that they could not afford, did not want to buy, or did not cover their needs.

While I support retaining protections for people with preexisting conditions, I believe states are best positioned to establish regulations and programs, such as reinsurance, designed to provide affordable coverage for people in the individual market. As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over certain components of health care, please know that I will keep your thoughts in mind should the Senate consider related legislation in the future.

Again, thanks for contacting me. It is my number one priority in the Senate to represent the values and interests of the people of Montana, and your input is very helpful as I do. I invite you to visit my website, www.daines.senate.gov, for updates about activities in Washington that affect our lives in Montana or to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

Steve Daines
United States Senator

Senator Daines,

I sent you an ethics complaint on October 6, 2020. A complaint about your unethical statements. A complaint about your unethical actions. A complaint about your repeated unethical behavior.

I cited, as an example, that it is unethical for you to be running the most offensive ad in the history of political ads. This is not an ad run by some P.A.C. you can claim you know nothing about and had no influence on, but an "I'm Steve Daines and I approve of lying to the people of Montana and insulting all Montanans" political ad.

I reminded you that it is unethical to lie to your constituency. Not just a little white lie, or a lie of omission to protect the people, but a deliberate, bold-faced, blatant and malicious lie. A statement that is absolutely false, and in its falsehood is harmful to the people. This is unethical behavior.

I reminded you that when you do unethically lie to the people of Montana, that it is even more unethical if you immediately follow that lie by bragging that you are lying to the people. When you lie, then gloat about having lied, that is unacceptable behavior. And it is completely unethical.

I reminded you that insulting your constituency is unethical. When you lie to your constituency and then defend your lie with a further lie, assuming that Montanans are just too stupid to see through your first lie, or the lie that you are using to justify your lie, that is unethical. It is also reprehensible behavior. There is no excuse for you to have lied to Montanans in the first place, but to try to justify your lie by demonstrating that you think all Montanans are idiots is inexcusable. This is unethical behavior.

I reminded you that all of this behavior - behavior that you are bragging about doing - is unethical and unacceptable.

And how do you respond?

You respond by insulting me, demonstrating your gross incompetence, and confirming that you are lying in your highly offensive ad - and that you are well aware that you are lying in the ad.

First, you respond by thanking me for letting you know about my support for the Absolutely Unaffordable Care Act (please do not call it "Obamacare," a term which unethically steals credit for the Act from its rightful authors - a group of Republicans). I do NOT support the Absolutely Unaffordable Care Act - as you well know. Your statements that I support the Absolutely Unaffordable Care Act are offensive and insulting, and **YOU** KNOW these statements to be untrue.

Then, in your response, you actually clarify your stance on insurance law and why you voted to repeal people's protections for preexisting conditions: you think the states should handle insurance law, not the federal government. While this sentiment is reasonable, it is not a justification for lying to the people of Montana. Your position does not mean that you did not vote to remove people's protections for preexisting conditions, you did vote to remove these protections. Your position does not change your votes, or what your votes mean, or the impact of your votes. You could have run an ethical, truthful ad stating why you voted to repeal the Absolutely Unaffordable Care Act, but you would have to acknowledge that you did vote to repeal those protections and other provisions such as expanded Medicaid. Instead you chose to take the unethical route and lie to the people, then insult the people. Again, this behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

In your response you further lie, stating, "It is my number one priority in the Senate to represent the values and interests of the people of Montana." You have demonstrated repeatedly that this is not the case. Among the many times you have demonstrated this are the response you sent me in which you include this false statement. You demonstrate that representing the interests of the people of Montana is not one of your priorities, let alone your number one priority, by not showing that you already know that I do not support the Absolutely Unaffordable Care Act (a fact that has been brought to your attention multiple times in the past, and that you have record of). You demonstrate that representing the interests of the people of Montana is not among your priorities, let alone your number one priority, by insulting each and every Montanan in an advertisement you are running on television. This isn't just a statement you have made insulting Montanans, but a statement insulting Montanans that you are **paying** to make sure as many Montanans as possible see! This is clearly evidence that you have no ethics.

Your actions, statements, and advertising clearly demonstrates that you are building your term in office on three pillars:

  1. A complete lack of ethics and an avoidance of any ethical actions whenever possible.
  2. A total disdain for all Montanans and your belief that all Montanans are idiots.
  3. A desire to insult as many Montanans as you can as often as you can.

You are a disgrace to all honest or honorable Republicans, and an embarrassment to all Montanans. If you have even a shred of decency or dignity, you will resign your office as Senator and apologize to Montanans for taking advantage of them when you really want to just show your complete disdain for all Montanans.