Obama's Missing the Threat

The Greatest Threat to Our National Security Is Current Administration Policy

August 10, 2008

Senator Obama, in his current advertising campaign in Montana for his presidential candidacy, has been speaking on the greatest threat to our national security.

According to Obama's ads, the greatest threat to our security is the proliferation of nuclear weapons, particularly their potential delivery into the hands of terrorists.

This is, of course, a valid concern - not to mention the topic of a number of action/thriller or suspense movies and probably dozens of novels - most of which are based in the cold war era.

Unfortunately, Obama is off target here. Though nuclear weapons getting into the hands of terrorists is something to be concerned about, a much greater threat to Americans, our way of life, and our national security, is the action of our own government to eliminate personal freedoms and liberties.

The actions of the Bush administration (or should I say regime?) over the past seven and a half (or so) years to curtail the movements of US citizens within the country, to monitor US citizens without approval, concent, or notification, and to otherwise cow us into complacency with repeated and ever-increasing limitations of our rights is a much greater threat - and something that really needs to be brought more to the fore-front in this political campaign.

And no, I don't yet know who I'm going to vote for - or who I'm going to vote against...