Microsoft Outlook

More Sloppy Software from the Operating System Monopoly

August 14, 2006

I hate lookout. Now, I have to use it. Elliot Schlegelmilch
Aug. 14 2006

I hate IE. However, the uneducated 89% of internet users use it, so I have to use it. The most recent thing is if I have 3 <div>s, each of which is floated left, each of which is 30% wide, and there is a <br> with clear set to left after the three of them, then if the margin on the three of them is 1.4%, it behaves, but if the margin is 1.3%, IE ignores the clear on the break after them.

Did I mention 'Welcome to Corporate America?' You have to use lookout in Corporate America, because someone else in Corporate America may have used lookout at some point in the past, and therefore corrupted the entire email system in the entire business world, making other email or scheduling products unable to operate...

In fact, apparently, lookout and Exchange so poorly put together that M$ can't even make a product that works on a Mac reliably interact with an exchange server. This is either an indication of severe incompetence on the part of M$, deliberate production of inferior product by M$ for the Mac, or exploitation of security holes that exist in Windows, so M$ can easily exploit them, which don't exist on other platforms...

Not only is M$ a monopoly, they are a bad monopoly.