Health Care Destruction

The US Congress's Attempt to Increase Revenues of Health Insurance Giants at the Expense of the American People

March 13, 2010

Health care in this country is broken - especially our method of payment and the inability of middle class Americans to get health care.

Unfortunately, some deceptive people have been trying to mislead the people - and our senators and representatives - into thing that the horrible health care reform bills floating around congress are good for people.

If you have even started to read these bills. you will know that you can't get more than a dozen pages in before you start getting to statements or references that the things that the American people are being promised are not provided in these bills.

These bills are written by the insurance companies for the insurance companies. They cannot benefit the American people.

The first clue that these are not solutions to the health care crisis is the length of the bills.they're 2,000-2,300 pages too long to be correct or effective. As James Madison said that laws "so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood." This law is both. There are two reasons to make a law this long:

  1. Put in enough loopholes to make sure that the law cannot function
  2. Hide something

So, what are you hiding (or trying to hide)? The only acceptable vote on this piece of legislation is NO.

Beyond the length of these bills - or rather contained in that length - are more exceptions than rules. This bill clearly fits into the first of the two reasons for having a bill this long. if you are even remotely concerned about the health and well being of your constituency, you will vote NO for this bill.

Please demonstrate your concern for your constituency in the upcoming vote for health care reform. Either you are going to vote for your constituency and vote NO on this bill, or you are voting against your constituency and demonstrating that the good of the insurance companies is more important to your corrupt morals than the health of the American people.