Bad Drivers in Bozeman

Crosswalk Marking Won't Correct for Negligent Drivers

May 15, 2006

Recently two women were injured in Bozeman when they were strick by a vehicle while crossing the street. Unfortunately, one of the women died later in the hospital.

It needs to be kept in mind that the fact that there is an intersection indicates that there is a crosswalk unless the intersection is specifically and clearly marked otherwise. Check with the Bozeman Police Department - they ticket cars for being parked too close to a crosswalk even when there are no marks on the street (and even if there never have been).

Though I sympathize with the woman who lost her mother-in-law to an accident in January, asking the city to make a crosswalk more obvious than the intersection already makes it is ridiculous. The fact that some drivers don't (or can't or refuse to) pay attention while driving will not be changed whether there are marks on the asphalt or not - even if the marks are fluorescent yellow and blink...

Blaming the city for a driver's negligence just doesn't make sense.