Senatorial Debate

Conrad Burns Just Doesn't Get It

June 25, 2006

Things you can learn from watching TV:

Did you know that there is no way that the Patriot Act could be construed to limit the rights of American citizens and cannot be used to impinge on freedoms, and if there were any way that it could be used to do so, Conrad would not have voted for it, and *nobody* has *ever* complained about it infringing on people's freedoms or rights?

Did you know that maintaining open spaces and wildlife ranges is one of Conrad's top priorities, and maintaining the pristine beauty of the wilderness areas in Montana is very important, but we should drill for oil in ANWR because it will mean complete energy independence for the US?

Did you know that anti-terrorist border security efforts cannot be the same as immigration control and efforts to block illegal aliens from entering our country?

Did you know that nobody with a green card could be a terrorist?

Did you know that terrorists do not enter the country through our ports and airports?

All this from the first Montana Senatorial Debate of 2006... And all facts presented by Conrad Burns.