Keith's Rants

Stream of Consciousness Dissertations on Various Current Topics

Here are some items that I have written at one point or another, that people have asked me to send again at a later date, or someone else has asked for since, or even some that I just thought other people might enjoy reading. This page is not updated on any particular schedule, so check back when you feel like it, and something new may be posted - or maybe not... Again, these are my opinions, and though they may be shared by other individuals, they should not be taken to reflect on my employer(s) or my school.

Most of these are stream of consciousness, meaning that I started typing and went off with it, wherever the topic seemed to take me. Some things may seem out of order, or unrelated, or even completely off topic, and may not appear as ready for publication as some of my other writing. If I feel like it, I may get around to polishing some of these at some point...