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"Morgathians just don't hunt in flooded basements. They just don't do that."
Scott "Great Scott" Furois
Harn ~~ October 24, 1998

"I rolled directly under my smell."
Scott "Great Scott" Furois
Harn ~~ October 17, 1998

"No, It's different TV's that we both don't have."
Scott "Great Scott" Furois
Harn ~~ October 10, 1998

"You're shiny happy evil people, not like the Mafia."
Scott "Great Scott" Furois
Harn ~~ October 10, 1998

"OK, Jerrard serves you some moldy spiders."
Harn ~~ October 17, 1998
We believe he meant Mulled Cider...

"Divide your ego or will... Oh, wait, you don't have an ego..."
Harn ~~ October 24, 1998

"There's not much light and it's dark."
Harn ~~ October 24, 1998

"I'd rather be a leper than a pyromaniac... Well, maybe not."
Jason McGrody
Harn ~~ September 19, 1998

"Do you remember the last town we got eaten alive in???"
Harn ~~ October 24, 1998

"I suppose if you made your friends, you could pick their nose..."
Harn ~~ September 15, 1998

"Do you have a spell to calm them down, or should I set the whole inn on fire?"
Chentish [Scott "Great Scott" Furois]
Harn ~~ February 22, 1999
the Pelyan to the Savoran...

"This is all your fault. Now I'm going to treat your wounds."
Roger Nummerdor
Harn ~~ March 1, 1999

"Unless you're going to ignore the 'fumble-grope...'"
Harn ~~ March 8, 1999

"There's the living parts that just kinda grow, then there's the living parts that just kinda eat you."
Scott "Great Scott" Furois
Harn ~~ March 22, 1999

"I don't want to be around a pelehan who's been pissed on, it may be worse than a pelehan that's been pissed off."
Harn ~~ March 29, 1999

"I succeeded. This is going to be a problem."
Harn ~~ March 29, 1999

"Do you have pockets?"
"No, I just have concealed areas."
Chrystalla [Rebecca Shopfer]
Harn ~~ April 5, 1999
the GM to the Priestess of Helaya...

"And you would suck tap dancing in a sea of fire... so, what was your point?"
Chentish [Scott "Great Scott" Furois]
Harn ~~ April 5, 1999

"Malakai, of all people, is not a happy-fun ball."
Harn ~~ November 25, 1998

"It's been a long time, I forgot what I didn't know."
Roger Nummerdor
Harn ~~ December 8, 1998

"It's hard to have a road and not march your legion down it."
Harn ~~ December 5, 1998

"Two months ago it was yesterday."
Harn ~~ February 1, 1999

"They don't have squirrel on this [encounter] table... They don't have any cool monsters!"
Harn ~~ May 10, 1999

"You can tell it's a horse 'cause it's bouncy... I'll rephrase that."
Harn ~~ May 17, 1999

"I'm not a demon! fire just likes me."
Chentish [Scott "Great Scott" Furois]
Harn ~~ May 17, 1999

"I'm not going to relax... It's raining."
Chentish [Scott "Great Scott" Furois]
Harn ~~ May 17, 1999

"Roger, You're riding to Thay."
"Because he wants to meet up with the rest of the party."
Rebecca Shopfer
Harn ~~ May 24, 1999
Introducing new characters is such fun...

"If you start the apocalypse, we're not going to speak to you any more."
Fong [Roger Nummerdor]
Harn ~~ November 8, 2000
speaking to the Savoran who was about to cast a new spell...

"I'm sorry Roger, but I'm gonna commit first aid on you now."
Harn ~~ April 26, 1999
My benevolent Hodiri, Malakai, was about to use his healing skill of 8 to try to repair a grievious stab wound to the knee of Roger's warrior.

"I'm sorry you're naked and outside."
Harn ~~ April 26, 1999

"I want my horse."
Malakai [Keith Seyffarth]
Harn ~~ April 26, 1999

"We must stop them! ... I stop them."
Chentish [Scott "Great Scott" Furois]
Harn ~~ June 14, 1999

"Does the tingling in my hand match the ringing in my ears?"
Harn ~~ June 21, 1999

"The Gargun are molesting my horses? I'm gonna molest them back!"
Malakai [Keith Seyffarth]
Harn ~~ June 21, 1999

"It seemed like a good idea at the time. How was I to know he was a MAJOR demon?"
Valerius [Charlie Schrupp]
Harn ~~ October 18, 2000

"You've been sodomized by a butterfly."
Marcus Atrates [Keith Seyffarth]
Harn ~~ June 7, 2000
The other character had just been transformed back after being a butterfly for a month...

"Maybe I should get shot in the head more often"
Harn ~~ June 7, 2000

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