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"You're a mailbox."
Wayne Stone
"I'm looking for a female box."
Charlie Delimata
TOON ~~ Spring 2001
Aren't we all?

"The flea was squashed by a cauldron.
I'm a feather pillow.
Charlie's a mailbox.
And Phil is blowing Eric. (Eric was a whistle)
What's wrong with this picture?"
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
TOON ~~ Spring 2001
Nothing. That's Toon.

"I'm going to try to transform back."
Eric Beckman
"Are you sure you want to do that while Phil is blowing you?"
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
TOON ~~ Spring 2001
Yes, he's still a whistle.

"So, how many plot points was that worth?"
Scott "Dark Scott" Proper
"How do I raise skills?"
Scott "Dark Scott" Proper
TOON ~~ Summer 2001
Obviously getting ready for next week's TOON metagaming conference. Dweeb.

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