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"I took an automobile piloting skill, did anyone else?"
Wayne Stone
"I did."
Phil DeKoning
"You know what, Phil? Your character doesn't get to drive."
Wayne Stone
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
Remembering past bad experiences

"It's fun to be terrifying."
Gerald Boice
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
After putting an NPC into an apoplectic coma

"Wayne's in Helena with his mother. She feeds him."
Charlie Delimata
"So do I!"
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
The price of free pizza

"OK. I need to drink my pint of blood. I'll make a mental note of him for future reference."
Wayne Stone
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
Sensing someone Evil

"Oh God!! Phil's character's going to try and drive again."
Wayne Stone
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
Flippy goes to steal a tank. (He wrecked it.)

"OK. I don't know if I would touch it any further."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
"That's what your wife said last night."
Wayne Stone
"That's O.K. because she decided she should."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
Opening an over-carbonated Mountain Dew

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