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"OK, That's a PRIMAL rolling pin - I'm not messing with it."
James Ekert

"I may have mooshed my brother into tomato paste, but dammit, he's gonnal smell nice!"
James Ekert
after Martha just mooshed her brother into tomato paste and then 'freshened up' the room to cover the odor...

"I don't bicker."
Apple [Clacy (Garmeson) Olson]
"Well, not without a weapon."
Putting the aspiring militant in her place.

"Good. We just sent in the diplomat."
Having just sent the person who just killed the last two armies she went to talk to, to talk to the emperor...

"No, Eric, thatt will put the blood of a god in your stomach."
Jarrod [Quint Ringsak]
When Eric collected some blood from the recently slain god to put in his canteen after being told they could not leave the Paths of the Dead if they did not have the blood of a god flowing through their veins...

"I'm not betting my Psyche against his finger."
Jason Holt
Being threatened with a spell...

"Show up, kill the realm, leave. That will show you to host portal that might possibly have something to do with our king's death....we think."
Jarrod [Quint Ringsak]
it's not good to be the patsy in a scheme to kill the King of Amber

"You're shopping, right?"
"Well... more looting."
"You're looting for a band?"
"Better than raping and pillaging for a band..."
The pirate was setting up the wake...

"A purple skinned monster shows up."
"Oh! Jesus Christ!"
Persephone [T. Luke Renner]
"No, just Ugly."
One of the characters, Ugly, was a purple skinned monster.

"Help! Help! I'm stuck in a chest!"
Persephone [T. Luke Renner]
She had just teleported herself inside of a chest... Where no one could hear her...

"I have the point lowered, it's not a threat."
"It's a sword. It's in your hand. It's a threat."
Kaven was first in warfare.

"How about a nice game of Scrabble?"
Niddle Bee [Jason "Flit Featherfinger" Leonard]
How to choose the new king.

"Am I going to get killed by a cute, poncy sword?"
Erika "Eek" Noble
The things that happen in Amber...

"I don't care, we're inbreds."
Dan Westcott
Issues of Amberite morals.

"Wait! Just a moment."
Zach [Dan Westcott]
Mathias [Gregory Mullin]
"[shoots Mathias] Just to make it fair."
Zach [Dan Westcott]
Playing fair? In Amber?

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