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"I just did something that works!"
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
August 3, 2001
Having just gotten a script in Onyx to run...

"I'm not here, as long as you don't look under the table."
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
October 15, 2001

"I know why you should give me that free lunch... [pause]... I have to sit next to you every day!"
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
November 15, 2001

"Leave it to a guy to think everything is a competition."
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
"Of course, if you don't think of it that way, where does that leave you?... [pause]... Second Place."
Jeff Dunlap
November 26, 2001

"I don't really want to learn, I just like putting 'o' on the end of all my words..."
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
December 5, 2001
while talking about her attempts at Spanish...

"If all you're concerned about is security, go ahead and use Netscape."
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
March 6, 2002
about which browsers which functions worked in...

"So, what you're saying is that Microsoft is user friendly, and nothing else is?"
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
June 17, 2002
regarding someone else's problems with RealOne Player.

"You know way too much."
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
August 2, 2002
after I corrected her about what kind of tree it was...

"This is important - this is group bonding."
Renee Folsom
"Leave it to a marketing department to come up with group bonding."
"We have group bonding in IT."
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
"But is it fun?"
Tiffany (Vick) Maierle
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
August 8, 2002
going to the company ice cream social...

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