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"We have to watch out that we don't get too big, or we might get slowed down by the speed of light."
August 20, 1996

"Brandon asked me why I worked for the gnomes, and I told him, 'The gnomes have money.'"
September 25, 1996

"It's hard to dance while you are sitting on your hands."
April 5, 1997

"Can I have some crossbow bolts?"
"Sure, you get a quiver full of bolts with the Dwarven runes for Yule Sectris on them."
The King's Jesters - Harnmaster ~~ Winter 1996
Someone plays too much nethack...

"How many spirits can dance on the head of a pinhead?"
Shadowrun ~~ November 10, 1997

"You slipped her your giblets!"
Shadowrun ~~ November 10, 1997

"I don't speak trn."
March 6, 1998

"So, in this case, two wrongs do make a cool."
October 17, 1998

"You're just jealous because I'm paying more attention to my Palm Pilot than I am to you."
December 20, 1998

"I wasn't going to zerbert you; I was going to bite your back. I'm a back-biter."
December 21, 1998

"It's five-thirty."
"Cool, that means we can all cuss."
February 22, 1999
Aaaaahh, the end of the work day

"I've injured myself in a bizzare way that Keith hasn't... wow... I feel proud."
March 31, 1999

"Are thesis advisors like thesauruses?"
"No, they're more like Satan."
April 16, 1999

"How about I give you some dice and you beat yourself up?"
Shadowrun ~~ March 31, 1999
risky words from the GM...

"I can't work this out in a way that won't get you killed."
Shadowrun ~~ March 31, 1999
profound words from the GM...

"Malakai, of all people, is not a happy-fun ball."
Harn ~~ November 25, 1998

"Yesterday was not so much a bad computer day as a *weird* computer day..."
October 14, 1999

"Oh, cool!... I got sour cream on that part too."
December 23, 1999
about the ball-point pen he was taking apart

"I had to go help a co-worker crash his WinNT box."
"Someone needed help to crash a WinNT box?"
"Well, he wanted help with some Java code..."
November 8, 2001

"Maybe I should get shot in the head more often"
Harn ~~ June 7, 2000

"Saja likes him... I think it's because he has hands."
December 7, 2001

"...Meat loaf the food product... you make it sound like SPAM."
January 1, 2002

"Carrie! I didn't know you wrote soft-core porn."
January 17, 2002
about a dream his wife had written for a character in a game she had run a couple of years earlier...

"The result of that missed dex check is that you're breaking up."
Matt Eberle
"That relationship just isn't working."
James Ekert
"It's all about who's on top, isn't it?"
Solaria ~~ 2002

"Did you just walk through a planar rift?"
"Dammit, we warned you about that!"
James Ekert
Solaria ~~ 2002

"Don't tell me about the secret spices on your body-I just don't want to know!"
Solaria ~~ 2001
to Ian Gardiner about his "Cookie" character

"I can just see Spock mind melding to a potato: "My thoughts to your thoughts, my mind to your...starch.""
Solaria ~~ 2002

"Humans do it all the time, only without the duct tape."
July 21, 1997

"I think I strained my Ewok."
July 21, 1997

"How many manequens do I have?"
August 11, 1997

"This is a stupid idea... I get in the room with him."
AD&D (1st Edition) ~~ July 3, 2003

"Let's not have any Nazgul Toga parties."
October 31, 2003

"I have arm hair, it just smells really bad."
July 10, 2000
After the fiasco with the lighter

"It's okay; it's a girl joke. You are playing a girl, you can laugh."
October 31, 2003
A male GM to a male player

"Aroooo! A call of nature!"
October 31, 2003

"I would be surprised to say the least to see Quint budding."
September 0, 2002

"So, what happens when you apply Primal Order to TRON?"

"They've been victimized by a thesaurus!"
April 13, 2005
In response to a spam title

"Let's not get into that debate: I might have to take both sides of it."
April 30, 2011
About whether computer science is a science or an engineering field.

"So RAD stands for Really Awful Dysentery?"
"I think that was more due to it being the Conageddon..."
March 6, 2012
In reference to the stomach bug that went around after RadCon 6 in 2012.

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