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"It's not a rainbow, it's the re-entry trail of a fairy"
Steve Furois
Fall 1996

"... Unless I have been giving myself unscheduled electro-shock treatment..."
Steve Furois
September 8, 1997
On why he shouldn't be stuttering

"It's been a 'Paul and his plunger' kind of day."
Steve Furois
February 10, 1998

"It's a collection of stupid people that things have said."
Steve Furois
February 24, 1998
Describing this quotes collection.

"Besides, no one's gonna see the gloppys."
Steve Furois
March 4, 1998
about the material that was being used as padding in a costume

"It's sorta a status symbol... you know, how many stupid things can a person say in front of Keith."
Steve Furois
February 2, 1998
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