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"Oh! Did I forget to mention the bad Guys?"
Aaron Benner
Shadowrun ~~ Fall 1995

"I just fed the acorns another squirrel"
Aaron Benner
September 1, 1996
about his car

"I could get away with only a 4 gig drive."
Aaron Benner
September 17, 1996
Remember - in 1996 4 gig was enormous...

"I smoke like a turkey."
Aaron Benner
September 26, 1996

"Now, who am I here?"
Aaron Benner
September 26, 1996
About one of the many terminal windows on his desktop...

"Stinky-butt Zebra, kinda like Good-Times Barbie, but not as much fun to play with."
Aaron Benner
December 3, 1996

"Dammit, I just had a thought."
Aaron Benner
Shadowrun ~~ January 24, 1997

"I hate when artifacts of my reference frame fling things about."
Aaron Benner
January 18, 1997

"Wow! And I only had to rebuild one part of the Alaska Coast line from memory."
Aaron Benner
January 16, 1997
about scanned imagery for web sites

"You clap after they all come in and sit down without falling over."
Aaron Benner
April 11, 1997
at a MSU Orchestra concert

"I would like to inform you that you are fighting the magical force of the universe..."
Aaron Benner
"You might want to blow your Karma pool for this..."
Shadowrun ~~ May 16, 1997

"All right, fine, I'm gonna be a good geek."
Aaron Benner
April 9, 1997

"You can completely ignore it and it's still entertaining."
Aaron Benner
March 17, 1997
about television

"It's still dark, but it's still lilty."
Aaron Benner
June 14, 1997
about the music that was playing

"It's almost as cool as John's gun, except only it's nowhere near as cool as John's gun."
Aaron Benner
Shadowrun ~~ December 8, 1997

"I can't believe I just rolled Willpower to take a dump."
Aaron Benner
Shadowrun ~~ Fall 1998

"Yeah, money isn't much good if you want to kill yourself rather than go to work."
Aaron Benner
June 7, 1999

"The reason it doesn't work is that, according to SSI, 11 is actually greater than 12."
Aaron Benner
November 22, 1999

"No I don't care, and for that matter I'm the destined love child of satan and a really cute chick."
Aaron Benner
December 3, 1999

"You feel the Bloodmoon beginning to rise."
Eric Beckman
I feel a Bloodmoon a-risin'..."
Phil DeKoning
"[also singing]
I feel trouble on the way..."
Aaron Benner
Mythus - Ravenloft ~~ Fall 1994
Eric describing a scene, Phil, Keith, and Aaron dancing in their chairs

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