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"Can't you just tie a rope around me and throw me in there and see what I see?"
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ September 20, 2020
Yeah... just throw the rogue into the dark room with the possibly bottomless pit...

"My fish makes fire!"
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ December 13, 2020
The druid, in the form of a goldfish being carried by the rogue, casting fire spells against bugbears.

"The smell of burning humanoids and hate."
Izelda Burns [Steven Thompson]
"The fish knows what I like!"
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ December 13, 2020
When the monk's player, new to the game, asked why people were commenting about the smell.

"Water room. Someone else please look inside. I'm gonna sit here with my fish."
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ January 10, 2021
The fish supposedly had been cursed to have the undeniable urge to immerse herself in water. It's hard to explain.

"Are you sure you want to stick your eye there?"
Locke [Pat "Admiral" Nelson]
"I'll stick a finger in it first."
Verika [Heather ]
"[gasps and groans]"
"Not an important finger!"
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ May 2, 2021
The rogue checking out a peep-hole at an odd location in a door.

"We're at 12 right now. That means only 2 can be eaten."
Izelda Burns [Steven Thompson]
"It's nice to have spares."
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ September 19, 2021
The minimum crew required to operate the ship...

"How old does my puppy need to be before I can start to train it?"
Ainsley Siever
"I'd worry about the dragon first."
North! ~~ July 7, 2021
Getting priorities.

"What did you get on slight of hand?"
"You have a ring."
"The rest of us have a problem."
Pat "Admiral" Nelson
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ December 12, 2021
Whether the rogue had just awakened the constructs...

"I'm scared. I don't trust anything anymore. That's probably why I still have both arms."
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ February 20, 2022
The rogue on why she was in the back of the group. Of course, about three rounds later she lost an arm to the trap that had taken the druid's arm...

"It's really hard to do this with a giant squid in here!"
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ March 6, 2022
Why the rogue couldn't pick the lock.

"I want to see if there's anything valuable in here."
Verika [Heather ]
"Like a secret door the goblins went through."
Locke [Pat "Admiral" Nelson]
"Like gold."
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ March 6, 2022
What the rogue should be looking for.

"Never go bathing in trolls without your magic best friend to clean you off."
Verika [Heather ]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ July 3, 2022
Apparently the half-orc thinks "create water" is a pretty neat trick.

"Run. Run! RUN!!!"
"You don't want XP?"
Ted Aron Deshner
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ September 11, 2022
The many, many-headed giants coming after them - and they had seen the well hidden (or at least she thought so) rogue.

"I'm going to warn them that I am a Fey, and if they lie to me, I'm going to touch them all over the place."
Doctor Phileaus Thistlebrooke [Heather ]
North! ~~ December 19, 2021
Having your opponents terrified of fey...

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