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"Who's cooking breakfast?"
Aliera [Kt Devine]
"You are."
Marcum Turlos [Keith Seyffarth]
"She is breakfast!"
Flem Ake [Ted Aron Deshner]
"Crap, he's got his appetite back."
Aliera [Kt Devine]
Crimson Foam - AD&D 3.5 ~~ September 22, 2013
When the Kobold finally woke up again...

"Did you try to kill her by breaking the building?"
"I think she just killed her by breaking the building..."
Ted Aron Deshner
Emerald Spire - and Then Some ~~ October 9, 2016
When the half-orc finally got on top of the building to attack the drider ... and the building collapsed.

"I'm watching him and the tentacles fondle the snake thing..."
"This just got weird."
Ted Aron Deshner
Emerald Spire - and Then Some ~~ January 8, 2017
That's when it got weird? Ted may not have been paying attention.

"We're going to stay for two weeks."
Steven Thompson
"And in that time..."
Ted Aron Deshner
"I'm going to go insane."
"[strange looks]"
Emerald Spire - and Then Some ~~ February 19, 2017
The crazy character doesn't like to stay in one place.

"These guys can't be removed by 'banish.'"
Flem Ake [Ted Aron Deshner]
"But they can be removed by 'hacksaw.'"
Marcum Turlos [Keith Seyffarth]
Crimson Foam - AD&D 3.5 ~~ December 17, 2017
Xill that had walked through an inter-planar portal instead of being summoned...

"Saved by the fucking rules!"
Ted Aron Deshner
Crimson Foam - AD&D 3.5 ~~ August 12, 2018
After not dying because of how the concealment rules actually work.

"I already prepared the rights."
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
"I thought you said "rice," like they were a main course..."
Izelda Burns [Steven Thompson]
"No, desert. Why do you think they call it "last rice?""
Locke [Pat "Admiral" Nelson]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ November 10, 2019
Having mostly prepared two corpses for burial before word came that an attack was imminent.

"Let's kill them before she names them."
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ November 24, 2019
Being attacked by wild boars, and the druid starting to ask questions.

"I will not be tempted by your Devil Clams!"
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ December 22, 2019
The inquisitor protecting his virtue?

"I don't know what you've got down there!"
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
"Apparently 'Devil Clams.'"
Deserea [Mitch Allen]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ December 22, 2019
Leve kind of set himself up for this.

"I have one... two... three..."
Izelda Burns [Steven Thompson]
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ February 2, 2020
Interpreting gestures at the gaming table.

"Grab my longsword; I'm using my mace."
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
"Do not grab another man's longsword."
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ February 2, 2020

"Is he the tower shield or is he the tower shield?"
Ted Aron Deshner
"The sword is the sword."
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ March 27, 2020
Figuring out which mini was which NPC.

"He's flat-footed, right?"
Ted Aron Deshner
"He's round-testicled, right?"
Steven Thompson
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ April 26, 2020
Determining the battle-readiness of the troll.

"He's got a hard, crunchy shell and a soft, gooey center."
Pat "Admiral" Nelson
"Like a can of tuna."
Ted Aron Deshner
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ April 26, 2020
Regarding armor.

"Leve is NOT going to toothpaste tube him. Among other things, he has about ten too few tentacles for that."
Ted Aron Deshner
"Don't elaborate on that, Ted."
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ November 1, 2020
What the druid in squid form could do that the human inquisitor could most likely not do...

"Do you have 'Remove Curse?'"
"How about 'Sleep?'"
Ted Aron Deshner
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ November 29, 2020
How to deal with the cursed druid who was trying to flood the place with water.

"I have a really evil plan. You're gonna love it!"
Locke [Pat "Admiral" Nelson]
"You're not allowed to do that, you're a paladin."
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
"I have a brilliant plan..."
Locke [Pat "Admiral" Nelson]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ December 27, 2020

"Well, my hair didn't burst into goo."
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ January 10, 2021
The last pool had been acid.

"Oh, shit. I don't have ranks in that."
Pat "Admiral" Nelson
"Hold on, I do... [pause] No, I don't."
Ted Aron Deshner
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ June 27, 2021
Preparing to go into town in disguise...

"I suppose it could have been worse."
Locke [Pat "Admiral" Nelson]
"Yeah, she could have missed the boat."
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ July 25, 2021
The two heavily armored warrior-types having just been dropped by the shape-shifted druid on a burning, empty, launch drifting away from a burning ship in the middle of a very large lake without any implement of propulsion.

"The best cheese you have ever tasted!"
Izelda Burns [Steven Thompson]
"And great with kids!"
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ September 19, 2021
What use they had for 75 goats.

"Run. Run! RUN!!!"
"You don't want XP?"
Ted Aron Deshner
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ September 11, 2022
The many, many-headed giants coming after them - and they had seen the well hidden (or at least she thought so) rogue.

"I can feel my skin. I feel vulnerability."
Leve Crof [Ted Aron Deshner]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ November 6, 2022
The inquisitor finally out of his armor.

"By the way, I'm no good at hiding."
"Just stay inside the manatee."
Gilman [Ted Aron Deshner]
North! ~~ January 15, 2023
The fighter being smuggled out of town by the Ninja.

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