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"How many H.P. do you have?"
Charlie Delimata
"Just give me the damn damage."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
MisCon Nightbane ~~ Spring 2002
Attacked for 70 damage

"The fucker's going down."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
"Which fucker?"
Eric Beckman
"Depends on what the dice roll is."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
The TORGshank Redemption ~~ Summer 2002
An enemy lying on Charlie's character

"Wayne's in Helena with his mother. She feeds him."
Charlie Delimata
"So do I!"
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
The price of free pizza

"OK. I don't know if I would touch it any further."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
"That's what your wife said last night."
Wayne Stone
"That's O.K. because she decided she should."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
Opening an over-carbonated Mountain Dew

"I just wanted to cut the blue wire."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
South African Shadowrun ~~ Summer 1999
Said after everybody had to make sanity checks after seeing a dragon spirit

"Don't worry, this is how I got famous."
The Finster [Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien]
The Kobold Quest ~~ Summer 1999
While being swallowed by a huge fish

"I've got a 40 foot movement."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
"You need more bran, dude."
Eric Beckman
AD&D - Wonderful World of Were's campaign ~~ Fall 1999
AD&D and toilet humor

"Juan, I think we need to get some gunpowder."
Eric Beckman
"But I don't shoot."
Sweet Juan [Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien]
"Well, you do blow."
Charlie Delimata
7th Sea ~~ Spring 2001

"The flea was squashed by a cauldron.
I'm a feather pillow.
Charlie's a mailbox.
And Phil is blowing Eric. (Eric was a whistle)
What's wrong with this picture?"
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
TOON ~~ Spring 2001
Nothing. That's Toon.

"I'm going to try to transform back."
Eric Beckman
"Are you sure you want to do that while Phil is blowing you?"
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
TOON ~~ Spring 2001
Yes, he's still a whistle.

"Is there anything in these woods we should worry about?"
Wayne Stone
"Yes, this bad dice roll."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
Things To Do In Greyhawk When You're Undead ~~ Spring 2000
Sometimes the monsters aren't the worst enemy.

"It sure beats sacrificing a virgin on the first stone."
Charlie Delimata
"Depends on what you use to impale her."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
The Forgotten Realm of Game Balance ~~ Winter 2002
Finding the holy objects in the cornerstone in a lighthouse.

"Bliane, don't forget, if they ask, you're gay."
Scott "The Hutt" O'Brien
"[a few seconds later...]
Bliane, don't forget, if they ask, you're gay."
Phil DeKoning
Spring 2003
Being interviewed for a gaming documentary.

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