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"So, what's his first reaction to this?"
Gerald Boice
Charlie Delimata
Rifts New West ~~ Fall 1997
After Sparky put a tree chunk through a vampire

"You stay with us and we'll turn you into a rootin' shootin' cowboy."
Jack Durango [Eric Beckman]
"Or turn you into a psycho killer!"
Whitestorm [Gerald Boice]
Rifts New West ~~ Summer 1997
Helping Roger's character buck up.

"It's fun to be terrifying."
Gerald Boice
Nightbane ~~ Spring 1998
After putting an NPC into an apoplectic coma

"You can't say it's beneath his notice. He was digging through mud for a silver coin!"
Gerald Boice
"You're not helping!"
Wayne Stone
Harpo Polo Campaign ~~ Summer 1998
Seeing Scott's character eyeing some gems

"Well, if we kill anybody, we've got flowers for them."
Gerald Boice
South African Shadowrun ~~ Summer 1999
Quicksilver steals a flower truck

"Congratulations. You're starting to develop a slime trail."
Gerald Boice
7th Sea ~~ Spring 2001
to Eric after Eric makes a geraldian comment

"Get everything out of him he intended to give, did you?"
Wayne Stone
"Yeah, every last ounce."
Gerald Boice
Rocky Mountain Mountin' ~~ Summer 2000
Pigtails used her prior work experience to interrogate a scientist

"Well, it didn't catch the first time, but a little lube helped it in."
Gerald Boice
Swamp Romp ~~ Fall 2001
Setting Trogs on fire with burning spears that took two burning grease spells to light.

"You find a coin purse. The sword also radiates."
Gerald Boice
"Isn't that a Hemingway novel?"
Phil DeKoning
Son of Swamp Romp ~~ Spring 2002
Looting a dead half-Ogre using detect magic.

"I don't know if Charlie will share this with the group, but he gets an omen of a very severe looking blonde woman who is blowing out his torch."
Eric Beckman
"I don't think we know about his image. We don't need to know about someone blowing his torch."
Gerald Boice
The Forgotten Realm of Game Balance ~~ Fall 2002
Charlie's omen while he's out of the room. Double ententres and sarcasm, the twin pillars of our humor.

"The sewers, why does it always have to be the sewers?"
Phil DeKoning
"Because that's where the shit likes to go."
Gerald Boice
The Forgotten Realm of Game Balance ~~ Spring 2003
Locating the head evil undead.

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