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"Oh great Durin, master of the forge..."
Jay Rost
"Isn't that your name?"
Phil DeKoning
Lizardman Campaign ~~ Spring 1994
Comments on prayers

"Aren't cutbacks a bitch?"
Jay Rost
Lloyd's Shadowrun ~~ Spring 1994
The troll to the security guards, while riding in the back of Allen's Toyota Gopher

"We'll need rations."
Jay Rost
"OK, what are you looking for...MREs?"
Eric Beckman
"Nah! Doritos, burritos, and a big ol' keg of Schmidtt!"
Jay Rost
Redneck TORG ~~ Summer 1995
You asked for rednecks, you got 'em!

"You're not helping."
Wayne Stone
"You say that a lot."
Jay Rost
"I have so many opportunities."
Wayne Stone
The Bagpipe Campaign - AD&D ~~ Spring 1998
Wayne laments others pointing out GM mistakes that help the party

"I strike my Sunrod."
Wayne Stone
"Well, if that's what you're calling it now..."
Jay Rost
"I'm going to strike your sunrod here in a minute."
Wayne Stone
The Bagpipe Campaign - AD&D ~~ Spring 1998
Wiseass-ism rears its head again

"What would sex be, Body or Willpower?"
Phil DeKoning
"In your case, it'd probably be Quickness."
Jay Rost
South African Shadowrun ~~ Spring 1999
*Sigh* It sucks to have to write this stuff sometimes.

"While we're waiting, I'm going to do Women's Work on him."
Jay Rost
The Kobold Quest ~~ Summer 1999
Trying to bring Phil's character around

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