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"Me and my performance part are going home."
Rory Edwards
January 10, 2002

"...but they think stealing from competitors is an easy way to get work done."
Rory Edwards
February 5, 2002

"I don't like going places where there's fights anymore... I always loose."
Rory Edwards
March 31, 2003

"Are you grumpy already this morning?"
Patti Neerken
"Am I grumpy? No, this is the first time I've seen you today."
Rory Edwards
May 21, 2003
First thing in the morning at work...

"You're still here?!?!?"
"Yeah, that's cause MarketFirst is being slow."
Rory Edwards
"You can say that again, probably before MarketFirst gets around to doing whatevery you asked of it..."
June 2, 2003
at a quarter after 5

"If you don't pick at it, it won't scar good... [pause]... Chicks dig scars."
Rory Edwards
July 2, 2003
Don't ask.

"In roughly ten minutes, I'm gonna know the answers to most questions."
Rory Edwards
October 15, 2003
He was just sitting there... I have no idea what was going on.

"This is food. ... Although it looks like rat poison, it's food."
Rory Edwards
February 25, 2004
about the little plastic-wrapped cheese and breadstick snack thing he was eating...

"Their user interface sucks, dude."
Rory Edwards
July 14, 2004
Reading a resume where the applicant was proud of having helped to build the Verisign credit card processing product interface, which, unfortunately, we had been using...

"What's this "RE-port?"
Chris "CJ" Jackson
"You're done."
Rory Edwards
July 30, 2004
The new guy trying to figure out the complicated marketing automation application... and being shot down by the guy showing him.

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