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"Can I make a quote page?"
Matt Eberle
Solaria ~~ Fall 2001

"I've got a guy in my campaign who is 'lawful irritated'!"
Matt Eberle
Solaria ~~ 2001

"It all depends on whether or not you are using the party as a decoy."
Matt Eberle
Solaria ~~ 2001

"The result of that missed dex check is that you're breaking up."
Matt Eberle
"That relationship just isn't working."
James Ekert
"It's all about who's on top, isn't it?"
Solaria ~~ 2002

"You took a KITCHEN KNIFE into battle!?"
Ian, The Dwarven Thane (King) [Matt Eberle]
Solaria ~~ 2002

"Hey, can I borrow your spear for a second?"
The Guard [Matt Eberle]
Solaria ~~ 2001

"From now on-if you can't read your own handwriting, don't pass me the note!"
Matt Eberle
Solaria ~~ 2002
To James Ekert

"I strip him down to his bones!"
Evan [James Ekert]
Matt Eberle
"I've got a sword!"
Evan [James Ekert]
Solaria ~~ 2002

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