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"Who knows about stocks? Keith!"
"Why me?"
"You seem to know everything else at the moment..."
October 5, 1999

"Hi, you may know me as Keith because I suddently grew a brain!"
November 30, 1999

"I can't believe that snow just sits there all day!"
"Yes, it does that when it's cold..."
December 2, 1999

"Now that the snow has been here for a while, its changed; sort of crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside; like an armadillo."
December 29, 1999

"I'm just hallucinating here in my own survival knife."
January 3, 2000
It didn't make any sense then either...

"So, your car is full-time four wheel drive?"
"Yea, but it doesn't mean anything when only two wheels are on the ground"
January 5, 2000

"I'm collecting parse errors like a bad habit."
January 27, 2004

"Dude, us geeks will inherit the earth. ~ Unfortunately, we will only have read access, and that my friends will suck..."
October 11, 2003

"I remember something new everyday."
April 7, 2004

"Why do people ask me if I own a Mac or a PC, that's like saying do you own a VW bug or a car."
"I would take the VW Bug over the car."
Kim Harland
"Yeah but what if the "car" is a BMW?"
"Then that's nothing like saying do you own a Mac or PC."
Kim Harland
February 22, 2003

"$clue = !empty($brain) ? $thoughts : NULL;"
Fall 2003
Response to someone who sent Thomas php code that was broken and not logical at all in an email.

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