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"We're sorry, the Mage you have dialed is not available at this time. This is a recording and cost you 30 heka."
Maxim [Joshua Wendt]
Mythus ~~ Fall 1995
Maxim's answering machine for the horseshoe communication system

"Oh, I've seen this before! I know how to handle this!"
Maxim [Joshua Wendt]
"Let's go down the hall and hide."
Varnis [Phil DeKoning]
"Let's see... we just do this... and this... and... Oh shit."
Maxim [Joshua Wendt]
Mythus ~~ Spring 1996
in the sewers 'defusing' an 'easy' rune. Varnis and the party hid down the passage
Maxim needs to roll anything but an 00 to defuse a Rune... Guess what he rolled

"What's going on?"
Varnis [Phil DeKoning]
"We're slaying evil!"
Maxim [Joshua Wendt]
"Or at least getting it wet!"
Ben [Shaun Neece]
Mythus ~~ Winter 1996
as Theodin, Maxim, and Ben form a "Holy Helmet Brigade" to douse an evil thingie with holy water

"Where are you guys going?"
Maxim [Joshua Wendt]
"Varnis is being eaten!"
Ben [Shaun Neece]
Maxim [Joshua Wendt]
Mythus ~~ Winter 1996
Maxim and Ben, Ben, Fredrick et al. are going to help Varnis against a Displacer beast and Maxim was heading in the other way.

"Do I have to kill Maxim?"
Varnis [Phil DeKoning]
"The snake was absorbed by Theodin!!"
Maxim [Joshua Wendt]
"So, Can I kill Maxim?"
Varnis [Phil DeKoning]
Mythus ~~ Winter 1996
Varnis and Maxim talking when a snake thing wraps itself around Theodin's arm & neck & being absorbed by him...

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