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"Move stealthily."
Ajan [John McEnaney]
"[Rolls] ... [Natural 1] ... [Clanks loudly through cavern]"
Durgan [Mitch Allen]
"Why did you tell the dwarf to move stealthily?"
Marcum Turlos [Keith Seyffarth]
Crimson Foam - AD&D 3.5 ~~ July 30, 2017
The dwarf with two rogues...

"You have a lantern, right?"
Marcum Turlos [Keith Seyffarth]
Ajan [John McEnaney]
"Good. I left my light stone back there under the trolls."
Marcum Turlos [Keith Seyffarth]
"I've got two darkstones in my pants, too."
Ajan [John McEnaney]
Crimson Foam - AD&D 3.5 ~~ July 30, 2017
Figuring out a light source... Not wanting to know what Ajan has in his pants...

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