10 Selected Humorous Quotes

10 Selected Humorous Quotes

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"Ooooh! Stef's butt-print is warm."
April 22, 2007
Getting out of the booth at the restaurant.

"I just did something that works!"
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
August 3, 2001
Having just gotten a script in Onyx to run...

"See, I've told you that applied math is nothing more than integration by parts and Cramer's Rule."
Math 450, Applied Mathematics I, MSU ~~ Spring 1994

"Now he has real damage."
"My damage was real!"
Mitch Allen
"Your damage was unreal."
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ June 1, 2019
normal versus subdue damage.

"Shit, this is easy!"
Sparky [Phil DeKoning]
Rifts New West ~~ Summer 1997
An inappropriate tag line, usually followed by booms, crashes, gunfights, or malfunctioning machinery.

"You hit like a girl!"
Eric Beckman
Son of Swamp Romp ~~ Spring 2002
Commenting on Wayne's newly female lizardman making an attack.

"We're going to stay for two weeks."
Steven Thompson
"And in that time..."
Ted Aron Deshner
"I'm going to go insane."
"--strange looks--"
Emerald Spire - and Then Some ~~ February 19, 2017
The crazy character doesn't like to stay in one place.

"Oh, Commando Skeletons would be awesome!"
Dr. Kevin "The K-Dog" Zoren Esq
"Aren't all skeletons commando by definition?"
John McCracken
"Oh, Jesus, John! That's brilliant and terrible in equal measure!"
Phil DeKoning
Tuesday Boardgame Night ~~ June 30, 2009
Combinations of race and ability in Small World.

"This, by the way, is 2 lines in my notes. My notes mean nothing."
Norman Eggert
Math 503, Abstract Algebra, MSU ~~ Spring 1998
[after a long lecture]

"He's throwing money at me!
They're not coming off!"
Kate Trippe
Tuesday Boardgame Night ~~ November 27, 2007
Brian, Kate, et al. playing "Modern Art," where the money is represented by chips. ( I swear they're their own episode of Moonlighting. )

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