10 Selected Humorous Quotes

10 Selected Humorous Quotes

Great Quotes from Montana State University

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Welcome to the Quotes Page. Below you will find 10 quotes selected at random from our repository, which currently contains 1890 humorous quotes. You can get another random set of quotes from the system, or you can search for speficic quotes using the links below the list of quotes.

The quotes in the database are quotes that we (Jones, Carrie, Julio, Phil, Clacy and I, our friends, their friends, etc.) think are good (cool, silly, humorous, unprofessional, etc.). These include gaming quotes, professor quotes, classroom quotes, and general life quotes. Wherever possible, we attribute the quote with speaker and date, and we try to provide links to home pages of all the people (departments, etc.) featured here. Many of these are inside jokes, so just bear with us.

"Hi, my name is Sarah. You should be running."
Sarah "Thewylddream" Zbinden
Montana Game Faire ~~ October 6, 2007
Formal introductions aren't always necessary.

"John's not detecting magic."
"I could, but I just can't."
John McEnaney
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ October 4, 2020
Why the non-magical character didn't know if any of the stuff he found was magical or not.

"I'm sorry, Keith, my player is tired."
Rev. E. Lloyd Olson Esq.
Shadowrun ~~ April 19, 1998

"Are there any large objects next to me?"
Charlie Delimata
"Well, the lady next to you could stand to lose a few pounds."
Eric Beckman
Shadowrun - Boston ~~ Spring 1997
describing a scene

"Don't you laugh at my chicken!"
Ann (Gangstad) Marchant
May 26, 2001

"It's not an easy thing to do but it's a real problem."
Math 450, Applied Mathematics I, MSU ~~ Spring 1994

"With Leve, I can see him sleeping through strangulation."
Izelda Burns [Steven Thompson]
"That's how it works if you do it right."
Locke [Pat "Admiral" Nelson]
Frontier Pathfinding ~~ December 27, 2020

"I am only not squirting you out of respect for your Zip drive."
Roger Nummerdor
January 25, 1999

"I go 'bugga-bugga-bugga' and run away a little."
Scott "Dark Scott" Proper
Shadowrun ~~ January 10, 1997

"I'm having a hard time believing you're rolling your fixer."
The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun ~~ October 22, 2008
Robbing one's own contacts does not seem logical.

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