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My Mustang - Stung

Pictures of my 1967 Ford Mustang

Front View
When I Got the Mustang

My Toyota Celica - The Piece

Here are some pictures of my car, or about my car. These picutres are taken over time in various locations in under various circumstances... More information on the various pictures of my '76 Celica can be found in each album.

The Blue Shot
1998 Photos of My 1976 Celica
Preparing to Replace the Rocker Panels - 2004
2004 Restoration Work
In Front of the Bridgers
2005 Photos of My 1976 Celica


These albums include various pictures of fish, pets, and other critters. You'll find pictures of my own home aquariums, both freshwater and saltwater - and even some brackish (but mostly freshwater). I also have pictures from pet stores, including photos of the aquariums full of fish for sale and pictures of the retail displays of equipment and supplies. There are pictures of other people's aquariums, which have been sent to me, usually related to some question the aquarium owner was asking through the First Tank Guide. And there are also some pictures of other animals and pets, it's not all just fish and aquariums!

A Black Ranchu
Assorted Fish Pics
Laverne - wide right profile
Laverne's Pictures
Dan the Cockatoo
Other Critter Pictures
Telescope Goldfish
Other People's Aquariums
A Cichlid Tank in a Pet Shop
Pet Store Pictures

The New House

Pictures of the "new" house I purchased in 2016 on North B Street in Walkerville. The original structure of the house was built in 1885, but it has obviously been added on to at least twice, possibly more...

Layers of Insulation
Porch Door
Back Porch
Linen closet
Outlet, again
Most of the North Roof
Not Quite Right
Front Porch
Garage stairs
Kitchen - North
North End
Living Room
Bedroom Window
Master Bedroom
Curtained doorway
Second Bedroom
Out the Kitchen Window...
Access to the Lower Garage Before the EPA Cleanup