Reptile and Amphibian Related Pages I have Found on the 'Net

Links to Valuable Information on Reptiles and Amphibians and Their Care

This page is dedicated to sources for herpetological (Reptile and Amphibian) information. These are all pages that I have visited and think are probably worth while.

If you find a bad link here, please let me know. Also, feel free to submit your reptile or amphibian related link if you are interested in having your reptile or amphibian related site listed here.

First, Laverne's Picture Page(s)... Some pictures of my Panther Chameleon (Chameleo pardalis), Laverne. You will need a graphic viewer which supports JPEG format to view these. :(

Reptile, Amphibian, and Herpetology Links (in alphabetical order)

Generally, to be listed here, the site needs to be primarily non-commercial (unless I'm really impressed), informative, usable, reasonably accurate, and not primarily an open forum.