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It used to be that every web site had a links section, but not anymore.

This section of my site provides links to a variety of sites I have found while surfing the net since 1990. The links are categorized in various ways to help you find links that are of interest to you.

The links are categorized in various ways, with some links in multiple categories as appropriate. From car links, with links to sites about Classic and Collectible cars, to links to my friend's sites or sites I just through it was worth linking to, there's a variety of links here for your use.

There are also links pages in other sections of my site (or on my other sites)

In most areas, if you have a link you think is worth adding, you can suggest it for my review. These are not "free for all" links pages, I actually review all suggested links before adding them to the site, and I do periodically review the links on this site to make sure they are still active sites and that they are still something of interest. To suggest a link for this site, you can use the "Add Link" button at the bottom of most of the links pages.

I hope you enjoy these links. Happy surfing.