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Keith's Useful HTML Links Page

This section of my site is dedicated to all the web site designers out there - both experienced and aspiring. There are links here to a variety of resources from basic HTML tutorials to scripting tips and tricks to inspirational CSS layout sites.

Please feel free to browse through these sites, and if you don't find a link to your favorite helpful resource, please feel free to submit it to me so I can get it added to the list. There's a button at the bottom of each set of links so you can suggest new sites for me to review and link to easily.

Paydirt Design Web GlossaryPaydirt Design Web Glossary
Paydirt Design is a local web site design and development firm located in Butte, MT and primarily serving businesses and organizations in the western and southwest Montana area. This glossary of web terms is provided to help our web site customers understand the internet better and more accurately communicate about internet and web marketing and services.