Mileage I Have Experienced on Different Brands of Gasoline

Gas Mileage

Here's some interesting trivia about gas mileage. Have you ever wondered which brand, grade, or octane rating gives better gas mileage? Well, I've collected thousands of miles of data on a wide variety of brands, octane ratings, grades, etc. All this information is from my 1976 Toyota Celica. I have found these results interesting, I hope you do as well.


Did you ever wonder if there was really a difference in the performance of different brands when it came to gas mileage?

I always suspected that I got better gas mileage on Cennex or Sinclair gasoline and worse mileage on Conoco. The numbers below will let you know if that hunch bears out...

Only brands used more than 10 times are included to try to eliminate deviant results.

BrandNumber of EntriesAverage MPG
Amoco 14 24.54
Cennex 440 20.48
Citgo 20 22.03
Conoco 428 18.81
Exxon 349 19.82
Holiday 203 19.57
Mini-Mart 22 13.99
Safeway 41 21.22
Sinclair 69 20.36

I, of course, make no guarantees about what kind of gas mileage you may receive in your vehicle, even if it is a '76 Celica with a 20R and nearly half a million miles under the hood, because there are way too many variables that come into play...