The Appraisal

February 17, 2005 Appraisal of My 1976 Toyota Celica

This is a transcription of the appraisal on my 1976 Toyota Celica by Gordon Gollehon of Auto Body Specialties here in Bozeman.

I Gordon Gollehon - owner of Auto Body Specialties have examined the 1976 Toyota Celica - VIN # RA29031573 belonging to Keith Seyfarth[sic]. I have found the body to be in rust free condition with new paint. The interior is in new condition being redone recently The drive train is in excellent condition and well maintained. Othe[sic] examples of like vehicles are valued from $5500- to $7000 in not quite as good of shape. I would value this vehicle at $7500-$8500
[signed] Gordon Gollehon