The Piece

My 1976 Toyota Celica

Stradle a Fissure
Stradle a Fissure
This is my 1976 Toyota Celica GT Liftback. It has the stock 20R engine and a 5-speed manual transmission which was salvaged from a 1978 Celica after 5th gear finally stripped out after about 270k miles... I still have the original transmission in a box in my brother's garage and I intend to get that repaired at some point.

The Piece spent most of 2004 going through a pretty significant restoration, so you'll probably notice a gap in dates in my mileage record if you pay that much attention to it. However, I suspect that you are probably more interested in looking at the photos I have posted of it, which now include both photos from the restoration process, as well as some post-bodyshop images.

At present, it is 1996 Dodge Viper GTS Turbo Blue Metallic, with a stripe of Indigo Blastberry along the hood contour and then continuing back to wrap around the rear window.

The interior is black with leather seats in front and cloth in back, and the rear deck has been redone to raise it about 1.5" to accommodate the oversized spare.