Mileage by Brand and Type of Driving for My 1967 Mustang

Gas Mileage

Here's some interesting trivia about gas mileage. Have you ever wondered which brand, grade, or octane rating gives better gas mileage? Well, I've collected thousands of miles of data on a wide variety of brands, octane ratings, grades, etc. All this information is from my 1967 Ford Mustang. I have found these results interesting, I hope you do as well.

Driving Type by Brand

So, following quickly on the tail of being asked about comparing the brand and octane rating for mileage, I, of course, got the quite obvious (to the point that I'm not sure how I overlooked it) question of "What about brand and driving type?"

Only combinations that have been recorded more than 10 times are listed to try to eliminate deviant results.

BrandDriving TypeNumber of EntriesAverage MPG
Cennex City 40 12.58
Cennex Highway 12 22.54
Conoco City 16 12.69
Conoco Highway 25 22.06
Conoco Mixed 19 17.89
Exxon City 15 12.7
Exxon Highway 15 20.71
Exxon Mixed 28 17.05

I, of course, make no guarantees about what kind of gas mileage you may receive in your vehicle, even if it is a '67 Mustang with an L200 and a couple hundred thousand miles under the hood, because there are way too many variables that come into play...