Audience Participation

Everybody knows that the REAL reason to go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show is for the Audience Participation. Throwing rice at Ralph and Betty's wedding, insulting Brad and the Criminologist, praising Magenta and Frank, and whatever you call what happens to Riff-Raff, Columbia and Janet...

Here are some tips that can make your viewing of RHPS more enjoyable:

Things to bring in your AP kit:

The Procrastinator Theater is a a dry theater, wet or greasy food items and liquids will not be permitted in the auditorium... sorry :(

Remember, come in costume, as we will have a costume contest and you could win real prizes! (as opposed to the fake prizes you get from other places.)

And, for those of you who have never seen the show before, Brad's an A**hole, Janet's a slut and the criminologist is BORING.