About Absolute Pleasure

The Absolute Pleasure Rocky Horror Picture Show Cast was formed in the early 1990s by Rev. E. Lloyd Olson. Rev. Olson approached ASMSU Films to suggest that having a live cast with some of the showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show over their Valentines week run could bring in extra viewers, could encourage repeat viewers, and could make the show more enjoyable for some viewers, while still allowing other viewers to see the show "uninterrupted."

ASMSU Films agreed, on two conditions. If there was a live cast and a midnight show, the cast had to clean the theater after the show, and there could be no liquids in the theater. We had no problems with these requirements, though it would be more fun if we could make rain when appropriate, it was better than no show at all.

Absolute Pleasure continued this once a year run until 1998 when Rev. Olson was contacted by the Crystal theater in Missoula about providing a cast for their Halloween showing. Of course, we were delighted to have a second theater - which meant a second showing each year.

Unfortunately after the 2000 shows, ASMSU Films decided to quit showing Rocky Horror because the cost to rent a print had gotten higher than the small Procrastinator Theater could pay for - even if each show was completely sold out. At the same time, the Crystal Theater's management (or maybe even ownership) changed, and Rocky Horror was dropped from their play list.

We understand that ASMSU Films is considering possibly bringing Rocky Horror back at some point in the future, and we hope that when they do, if they want a cast, that they will consider Absolute Pleasure once again.

Member name Position Roles Undertaken
Lloyd Olson Theater Liaison Frank, Brad, Ralph
Clacy Garmeson Olson Assistant Director Janet, Magenta, Betty
Keith Seyffarth Cast Coordinator Riff-Raff
Josh Saari Cast Member The Criminologist
Greg Schnider Cast Member Rocky, Frank
Scott (Chachi) Wendt Cast Member Rocky
Charles Carrell Cast Member Dr. Scott, Eddie, Frank
Ken Feaster Cast Member Brad
Rebecca Schopfer Cast Member Columbia
Ben Sawyer Cast Member Eddie, Scott
Carrie Markin Cast Member Magenta
Bruce aka Rob Foreigner with Ways Different from Our Own Tech Crew
1998 Absolute Pleasure Cast Photo Photo at left:
The 1998 Absolute Pleasure Cast

Clacy Garmeson as Janet, Josh Sarri as The Criminologist, Norah Esty as Magenta, Charles Carrell as Eddie, Mary as Columbia, Brandon Sonderegger as Frank (priest outfit), Keith Seyffarth as Riff-Raff, Greg Schnider as Rocky and Lloyd Olson as Brad.