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"Who's cooking breakfast?"
Aliera [Kt Andersen]
"You are."
Marcum Turlos [Keith Seyffarth]
"She is breakfast!"
Flem Ake [Ted Deshner Jr.]
"Crap, he's got his appetite back."
Aliera [Kt Andersen]
Crimson Foam - AD&D 3.5 ~~ September 22, 2013
When the Kobold finally woke up again...

"The fire will go out in 25 minutes when the rain comes. We're probably only expecting two and a half feet today."
Marcum Turlos [Keith Seyffarth]
"Thank Helper I'm three and a half feet tall!"
Durgan [Mitch Allen]
"Well, we're in the dry season."
Marcum Turlos [Keith Seyffarth]
Crimson Foam - AD&D 3.5 ~~ June 18, 2017

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