10 Selected Humorous Quotes

10 Selected Humorous Quotes

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Welcome to the Quotes Page. Below you will find 10 quotes selected at random from our repository, which currently contains 1736 humorous quotes. You can get another random set of quotes from the system, or you can search for speficic quotes using the links below the list of quotes.

The quotes in the database are quotes that we (Jones, Carrie, Julio, Phil, Clacy and I, our friends, their friends, etc.) think are good (cool, silly, humorous, unprofessional, etc.). These include gaming quotes, professor quotes, classroom quotes, and general life quotes. Wherever possible, we attribute the quote with speaker and date, and we try to provide links to home pages of all the people (departments, etc.) featured here. Many of these are inside jokes, so just bear with us.

"Travel! See The World! Loose an Appendage!"
Lost Boy [Anthony LaMonaca]
Shadowrun ~~ May 21, 1997

"She can keep the horse."
The King [Quint Ringsak]
The King's Jesters - Harnmaster ~~ Spring 1997
I'm sure this was the least of his worries...

"It's too expensive to be really cheap."
Gene Frank
August 14, 1996

"Let's just Chuck Yeager this thing."
"You don't Chuck Yeager a C-5!"
Giggy [Phil DeKoning]
The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun ~~ January 27, 2005
Outrunning missiles in a cargo plane.

"I've never had Friends before."
Dungeons & Dragons ~~ December 23, 2001
about the Magic-User spell...

"There is no good reason--well, there might be, but I can't think of it right now."
Norman Eggert
Math 503, Abstract Algebra, MSU ~~ Spring 1998

"You may play rugby, Adam, but the four of us can take you."
The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun ~~ March 18, 2008
Adam was out of debt while playing Redneck Life!! That just ain't right!!

"In case of army, break glass..."
December 4, 1999

"The important thing is it hurts and it didn't work, now can we move on..."
Rev. E. Lloyd Olson Esq.
Shadowrun ~~ February 7, 1997

"If it is positive, it is going to kill anything like that."
Math 450, Applied Mathematics I, MSU ~~ Spring 1994

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