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Welcome to the Quotes Page. Below you will find 10 quotes selected at random from our repository, which currently contains 1722 humorous quotes. You can get another random set of quotes from the system, or you can search for speficic quotes using the links below the list of quotes.

The quotes in the database are quotes that we (Jones, Carrie, Julio, Phil, Clacy and I, our friends, their friends, etc.) think are good (cool, silly, humorous, unprofessional, etc.). These include gaming quotes, professor quotes, classroom quotes, and general life quotes. Wherever possible, we attribute the quote with speaker and date, and we try to provide links to home pages of all the people (departments, etc.) featured here. Many of these are inside jokes, so just bear with us.

"The look on Phil's face... I don't know if it was from the pasta or finally exposing your character to someone new!"
T. Luke Renner
The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun ~~ December 1, 2005
Finally getting a new player...

"I'll take a mustache ride."
Brian "The Option" Weiss
Tuesday Boardgame Night ~~ December 11, 2007
Pictures on status counters for Emira.

"You slipped her your giblets!"
Shadowrun ~~ November 10, 1997

"Another thing I was able to clear up. with a little help from Johnathon..."
June 10, 2004
Actually, I don't remember what it was...

Halfling bandit [Quint Ringsak]
"Would you like to be two quarterlings?"
Garret [Roger Nummerdor]
Hacking on the Borderlands - Hackmaster ~~ August 22, 2002
Quieted them down nicely

"That's easy. Just look it up on php.net, but I think it's strstr('string','string needle','string haystack')."
"[blank stare]"
"Could you repeat that?"
October 10, 2006
It's much funnier if you understand the php base functions and read them outloud. - And, I was wrong, it was str_replace('mixed search','mixed replace','mixed subject').

"For God's sake, Keith, you sound like a deaf mute having sex!"
T. Luke Renner
The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun ~~ February 20, 2008
Keith trying not to spray soda out of his nose while laughing.

"If all you're concerned about is security, go ahead and use Netscape."
Erika (Abrahamsen) Whaley
March 6, 2002
about which browsers which functions worked in...

"It also became 'Patriarchyalized' --if that's a word, which it isn't because I just invented it..."
Dr. Gwendolyn Morgan
English 330, Women in Literature, MSU ~~ Spring 1995

"Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result."
Katherine "Kat" Davenport
"Yeah, but when you roll dice, sometimes you get a different result."
Montana Game Faire ~~ October 6, 2007
Apparently not coming up with a new plan.

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