10 Selected Humorous Quotes

10 Selected Humorous Quotes

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Welcome to the Quotes Page. Below you will find 10 quotes selected at random from our repository, which currently contains 1734 humorous quotes. You can get another random set of quotes from the system, or you can search for speficic quotes using the links below the list of quotes.

The quotes in the database are quotes that we (Jones, Carrie, Julio, Phil, Clacy and I, our friends, their friends, etc.) think are good (cool, silly, humorous, unprofessional, etc.). These include gaming quotes, professor quotes, classroom quotes, and general life quotes. Wherever possible, we attribute the quote with speaker and date, and we try to provide links to home pages of all the people (departments, etc.) featured here. Many of these are inside jokes, so just bear with us.

"...Except for the fact that he's not breathing."
"That's not a wound."
Roger Nummerdor
"It's a feature!"
Dave and the Apre-Henchmen - Hackmaster ~~ April 25, 2002
about the dead bard...

"Now, we're going to roll for the vomit."
Greg's Victoriana/Riddle of Steel One-Shot ~~ January 1, 2005
Some things just best left unsaid...

"Actually, I was trying to get you up... (I take the ring (of invisibility) off)... that should help."
Rebecca "Becks the Great" Russell
AD&D (1st Edition) ~~ July 3, 2003

"Look! This is not a fight to the death. Just chop his head off!"
Jeanna [Laura (Sing) Schneider]
March 14, 2001
In the middle of a fight to the death apparently.

"NO,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no! God, I sound like a bit."
The King's Jesters - Harnmaster ~~ Winter 1997

"How many books do you need?"
"How much money did he just give us?"
Johnathon Holroyd
The Run Down Under/Gettin' Giggy with Shadowrun ~~ June 11, 2008
Players grabbing all the books off the shelf...

"If I hadn't been a flaming coward, I could have been really hurt!"
Wayne Stone
Dave and the Apre-Henchmen - Hackmaster ~~ February 14, 2002

"I don't speak trn."
March 6, 1998

"That's dangerous for a reason."
Lee Bradshaw
October 12, 1996

"At least I beat Gene. I feel good about myself."
"Then we're doing our job horribly, horribly wrong."
John McCracken
Tuesday Boardgame Night ~~ September 23, 2008
Game results and self-esteem.

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